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Student of Life
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I love Taiko, Latin Percussion, Handpan, Native American flute, gardening, travel. I don't identify with work anymore because I got out of the working world.

417 hz Let Go of all Negative Energy Blocks | "Soul Searching" | Sacral Chakra Healing Music

I came across this very intriguing soundtrackΒ  and I'm not sure if it's working it's sacral magic at it's 417 hz frequency - it sounds so calming like melty chocolate. I cannot figure out what is the instrument used. I think its altered by software - that's how ambient pad music is made? Hopefully someone can give an idea....I think it is awesome. I'm wondering what flute key or melody to play if I were to use it as backing track. Probably a very low bass D. Thank You.Β

People listen to be emotionally engaged,not because what you create is perfect.

I have decided that this would be my North Star in my journey to giving back to my community.Β  This past Saturday, stepping out at the zoom break out room to co-create the guided meditation prayer with Heidi was a learning experience to just be in the moment for the people I'm playing for. I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and volunteer at least once in this course and I was worried that I didn't have enough instruments to capture peoples imagination or attention. I actually worried about it prior to Saturdays zoom session. What I have learnt is that it is not what you have, how perfect you are or not, what you know or don't know. Just engage and be in your "clients" shoes. If you show up with heart and good intent, it will come through for them.Β  I find that fiddling with too many "instruments", electronics, thinking what next sound to play, etc get's in the way sometimes of being there completely with the people I'm playing for. But that's just for me and not necessarily for everyone else. That said, I have been having lots of thoughts about taking what I know, to the large local park here,,,it has lots of tourists and locals, lots of museums etc and set up a small spot in the grass with my mic and reverb amp.Β  Play my flute.Make a sign inviting people to sit on the grass and meditate if they want to.Β  I have a friend who will help with a frame drum heartbeat. This will most definately be free always - I won't be asking for donations because it is really about sending out love, energy, joy outwards to anyone ready to receive. I'm healing myself and practicing at the same time. I'm thinking that I'll stop thinking and start this coming Sunday so all good wishes, good energy will be so appreciated. I will be nervous and afraid of judgement but I'll do it anyway so that I can get over myself. πŸ˜›
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