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I’ve lived an eclectic life, having been a dancer, pianist, recruiter, financial adviser, business owner, writer, sound therapist & for 15 yrs an OD/Exec coach.

Ted talk on our many voices…and Paul McCartney

Thought many here may be interested in this TED talk about ‘your outward voice travelling through the air and your inward voice travelling through your bones’ check it out: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CTX3i_enHyC/?utm_medium=copy_link

Something else I thought  might be of interesting… I stumbled across this series on Disney + called McCartney 3, 2, 1. I knew Paul McCartney doesn’t read music, but in one of the episodes he talks about how he remembers patterns, translates to different instruments and how he composes. He talks about the songs that are ‘just in the air’ like magic. In the last episode he explores how he developed as a song writer and talks about experimental sound artists who inspired him and his fellow Beatles, as well as how they used to keep all the ‘mistakes’ in their recordings that produced now they would take out. There were so many resonances with learning through the meta modules I wanted to share about it.
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Bumpy Week

Hi everyone,

In the midst of a bumpy week, I have found joy in here and I’m so grateful. Thank you. I’m just finishing the metamodules and have spent the beginning of the summer holidays with my son threading shells and bells into creating some rattles. The simple pleasures in sound and music are a tonic to life. Today though I feel very far away from the inner calling that drew me here. My inner rhythm and sounding that I used to hear, it’s silent. I have a lot colliding in my life right now, my husband being made redundant from his job of 10 years last week, I’m going back to corporate work in September short-term to bridge the gap with our family income whilst my husband still looks for work.

I haven’t held a corporate piece of work like this in over 7 years. It’s been a period of re-establishing my health, being mummy and exploring sound and therapy on the side as my calling not my ‘job’. It’s a big change. I have fears of course, naturally, but mostly these rise from having to step back from being available to my son, who’s just turned 6, and has been identified as potentially having ADD. I won’t be around as much to help navigate it with him. All of which brings me to tears. So I cried as I washed up this morning and then I noticed the frying pan with water in it made this awesome sound. And I was a kid again, present to the sound this frying pan in the sink made. And perhaps I may have never noticed if I wasn’t here in this group and raising my awareness to all the possibilities in the moment.

It reminds me I can that same perception in the moment of discovering the frying pan sound to my rising tears and emotions so they can flow out of me. It’s a new moon this weekend after all.

For your entertainment I video’d my discovery in the sink! https://youtube.com/shorts/UJpT9Vd07To?feature=share
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I've just joined the metamusic network and have loved diving into module 1 of the metamusic modules. My feet are touching the ground in Yateley, Hampshire in England.

What brought me here? Laura's live stream as part of the 'wisdom of trauma' movie premiere. The fire in the sound journey allowed me to remember my connection to music and sound differently and felt drawn to learn, refresh my own connection and broaden my awareness.

How do I resonate with MetaMusic? Joining this community and participating in the modules resonates with forgotten memories and a deep grief. I was a dancer from age 3 in many disciplines, played piano from an early age and when I stopped from an injury in my late teens I 'cut off' these parts of me. I was introduced to sound meditation 5 years ago as an adult to help me heal from recurrent miscarriages and an autoimmune condition. When my teacher announced she was leaving to travel extensively, I asked her to train me, because the 2 or 3 sessions a week with her were extremely supportive. I trained as a Tibetan singing bowl therapist, but it was extremely restrictive in the way it was taught and I found my growing practice didn't sustain me. So I dropped my recorded sessions on Insight Timer so they could benefit others for free. You'll find me talking about sound healing in a couple of interviews with local business people on youtube if you search my name. Honestly, I watch these back, experience me as pretty calm and present, but I felt inside like a fraud.

What is 'present' for me, in my heart, right now? What are my needs or expectations? In my heart I remember improvising jazz on the piano as a kid and my teacher adjusting the piano syllabus to include it because instead of reading the classical music to practice at home, I would remember what she played and go home and make it up from ear. I would most love scales, because I could do them in any way I liked to play around with them. My mum telling me to stop mucking about and do them properly and this theme runs through my dance and sound childhood play. In fact I'm only remembering now that I stopped piano at the same time as dancing because of my injury. Returning to more recently, eventually in my Tibetan bowls practice, after broadening my influences, my awareness opened to hearing rhythms, beats, sounds and movements inside me as I played that I didn't have the instruments or voice to express. This left me frustrated and I would feel guilty and wrong for not playing as prescribed. In the end I stopped playing for others, I gave back the microphone and tech that I borrowed and I just play for me now with the moon cycle in my spare room ;-)

What can I offer to this community, what is your unique 'medicine'?  I don't know my unique medicine yet. Or at least it feels like it's in pieces. I've spent most of my life studying different kinds of awareness raising. I've been a professional coach for most of my career, there is a medicine in that of course, naturally my attention tends to be on the body and in writing this to you, I notice that I'm listening to the inaudible frequencies and unsaid stories and sentences, which of course I don't really know how I do that, and this approach doesn't fit in most traditional coaching models. This has been welcomed in my experience in constellation work and as a facilitator of constellations, but this work is definitely about frequencies and resonance for me, not conversation or process.

I have been a coach mentor, coach trainer and academic coach marker/accreditor for those coach's in training over the years, including doing research into complex coaching practice (systemic interventions and constellations) for an MSc 10 years ago. Mostly this has been about credence and less about integration and expressing myself. You're welcome to look me up on insight timer and check out my sound meditations. Of course I now don't recognise myself in them, I'd like to integrate my experiences to be more available to my own unique medicine. I hope by being in community with you all, this will inspire me.

What are my core values? love, family, evolving and flow.

What a loooonnnggg hello! If you've read this far, thank you ;-)

To close, here's a recent picture of me, my husband and son who's 6 next week on holiday in Cornwall, South West England recently.

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