Belinda Salvidge

Musician and Teacher
🌈 πŸ”…
I am a music teacher and classically trained professional musician. I express myself through my violin In a variety of creative settings from Celtic rock music concerts, healing ceremonial work, backyard jams for my students, to playing in the forest

Introducing Belinda Salvidge

Hello everyone, I’m so excited to be on my journey as a part of this community.Β  Here are my answers to the suggested questions:
  1. Β Where do my feet touch the ground:Β  Playing my Violin
  2. What brought me here?: The Good Red Road
  3. How do I resonate with meta music?:Β  I want to transform my natural unconscious tuning fork to nature and spirit into a conscious awareness of how I am vibrationally tuned in to everything around me.
  4. What is present for me in my heart right now?:Β  To be of Service, to be a channel for spirit through my violin, my voice, my creative artistic expression of my Divine experience.
  5. What are my needs/expectations?: To be immersed in a community of like minded individuals helping to raise the global vibration of HealingΒ  and Love.
  6. What is my unique medicine?:Β  When I play my violin (in alignment) I facilitate a connection to something ancient for people.
  7. Core values: Β All Creative Expression is a valid expression of self. Β To do the right thing and help others by being in service. Β Trust and Faith in our Divine connection to all that is. Expression of Gratitude. Β To be a part of raising the Global Vibration.
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