Nisi Ariana

Fusing lunar rhythms and language
🌈 ❄️ πŸ”…
Feels Like Rita dances a path fusing lunar rhythms and language to tell and learn herstory. Feels Like Rita combines anti-imperialist anti-colonialist activism with groove music for physical, emotional, spiritual and personal healing and freedom.
Alessandro Ferullo Wonderful. I am so looking forward to it. You are truly an amazing teacher. We are so lucky!
Hi Alessandro,

This was incredible. Thank you so much for the introduction to Qigong. You are an incredible teacher. I look forward to your YouTube practices and live sessions. The tree is a place we can embody through this kind of wind dance Qigong and then regroup into during meditation. I hope everyone here tries it, it’s a strong link in our MetaMusic practice. This helped a lot in being able to focus productively today.

Thank you again,