Aliss Wang

Therapist, Facilitator, TA
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Hello.... Aliss sends a :)

👋 I am so grateful to be with you all in this time and space. I've been curiously hesitant in writing an introduction, not knowing where to begin or end, gifting myself the generosity of time to feel more comfortable with opening up, urged by the pending final class, and honoring the lingering until now. 

Maybe it's the feeling of my feet never really landing, ever feeling on a quest for that place where I can fully land, even when I know it is to land within; and a part of me is always landing, yet there's the other part of me that seeks to fly or at least hover.

I returned to LA several months ago from the Bay Area to spend precious time with my parents. I find myself still landing and pining for the spaciousness of the Bay. I was born in Taiwan and immigrated when I was 7.  I played the piano as a youngling, sang in choirs and have always loved dynamic sound journeys with polarities dancing with each other. (Draw me into the land of imagery, curiosities, and wonderlands please...) 

I used to facilitate groups and enjoyed using bowls, sounds and voice during the meditative portions; and remember fondly the sweet flow of following the energy of each group, what's wanting to be expressed, and when. I felt centered surrendering into the unknown. As a therapist,  I support clients with guided meditations, sometimes recorded, and I'm getting a little more comfortable recording and utilizing my voice; there's been a desire for more, so I am here to explore and play my sounds. My heart is giddy with learning slowly savoring play, practicing, pondering, and connecting here. 

Amidst all that we've been experiencing collectively, I'm currently dancing with fear and hypervigilance as my dance partner, perhaps more heightened as an Asian American... Even while traveling away this weekend with family to Dorrington, the freedom of traveling and meeting new people along the way has temporarily been tinted with an odd flavor of concern for safety. 

It sometimes feels challenging for me to create in LA, feeling boxed in unless I get plenty of time in silence and away in nature. I look forward to coming into myself more fully, more authentically, doing what my heart asks of me in this area, turning toward the gift of play, the feeling of flow, the vessel playing and the one observing, as spirit works through me all of my days. 

Writing this intro brought me the answers I needed clarified ~ as usual, it has been me, holding myself back from creation, out of fear of not being good enough.  A lovely reminder to ease into leaning into the right brain, return to trusting intuition and curiosities...

I am also interested in co-creating with others and unfortunately missed the breakout session to explore sharing/creating for each other.  I have been really shy about asking others to play with me... and I would be really excited to be invited to play together. If anyone hasn't paired and would like to explore possible fit, please connect with me at your leisure. 💚 😃
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